Moral of the Story: Secure Peanuts from Flight!

11 Dec

Tonight, I was reminded of a really horrifying story from when I was in approximately third grade. Pretty sure this is overly horrifying from the perspective of a third grader and not a twenty-something, but the sad thing is I could see this happening to me even today.


Think of all the wonderful things that packing peanuts can be used for…. What?! You can’t think of any? … Well, third-grade-me thought they were wonderful. An object with many uses. Beautiful. To be collected. And that is exactly what I did. My teacher received a package that day filled with packing peanuts. I can still remember asking her if I could have them – I wanted to make something with them. So, I filled up my plastic lunch box with as many peanuts as I could. Filling the box to the brim and squeezing it shut. Three o’clock came and it was time to head home. Hundreds of children {and the junior high patrol officers whom were older, scary kids} were all dismissed and fleeing to their parents cars. Armed with my lunch box in hand, I went running across the front yard … and so did my peanuts! Somewhere along the way my lunch box opened and what felt like millions of peanuts went flying out of my lunch box and landed – decorating the entire school yard in a snow of styrofoam. Wonderful. If I could have crawled under the grass to hide, I would have. But instead, guess who had to pick up every single peanut? Oh, yeah.. that was me. Red faced, I picked up every last peanut and shoved them back into my lunch box. I couldn’t get home fast enough!


I guess the moral of the story is if you are planning to be creative with peanuts … make sure they are fully secured from flight. Good night, ya’ll!


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