Distinguishing Needs & Wants has never been ‘my thing’

12 Dec

Window shopping never worked for me, I’d always end up coming home with just a few bags. The wooden hanger rule {don’t go in stores with wooden hangers, you can’t afford it anyways} never worked for me either. I’ve resorted to not going near any retail establishment unless I am on a mission for a specific thing … this too is quite difficult, because even at Target I can manage to scoop up my fair share of needless guilty pleasures. I even thought at one point that I would freeze my cards and only make purchases that I thought were still worth while once the cards thawed, but I never had the guts to actually freeze my plastic! I have a problem. But, I’ve come a long way.


That was, of course, until I came across this:

{Land’s End new collection called ‘Canvas’}


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