Grease Lovers Rejoice

12 Dec

Blogging about my strawberry obsession reminded me of another great finding in Canada: Poutine. Poutine originated in Quebec and is now found across Canada. It is basically French Fries topped with fresh cheese curd and brown gravy. It’s very popular at roadside chip stands, and McDonald’s and Burger King even mass produce it for their restaurants in Canada… Walking up to the chip stand {which, by the way, we should have more of in the states} I had no idea what Poutine was nor did I really have any inclination to try it {despite my love for cheese and grease} but we were on vacation … I indulged. Let me tell you, it may look completely repulsive – but it was pretty darn good. The kinda food you would want at 3am after a night of drinking {Shout out to my CofC friend} … Perhaps I should open a Poutine stand in a college town. Maybe I should start by trying to make it. Humm, Project!


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