Can you eat just one bowl?

13 Dec

There is probably something wrong with eating a bowl of ice cream at midnight just before retiring to bed. Perhaps it will permanently affix itself to my butt and when I’m 40 I’ll be cursing the day I ever ate ice cream…. but until then, I can’t resist. Feast your eyes on the most wonderful ice cream I’ve had to date: Edy’s Limited Edition Apple Pie Ice Cream!

Honestly, it tastes like a piece of apple pie climbed up into your bowl and swam in some vanilla ice cream. Bits of apple, chunks of graham cracker crusty parts … literally, this is making me want to run and get some ice cream. Don’t confuse what I’m saying. Not running to prevent my butt from becoming the size of Manhattan, RUNNING to eat more ice cream! Yummy!


Indulge {you know you wanna}


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