Selective Domesticity

14 Dec

When women from my mothers or grandmothers generation think of domesticity,  I believe most would picture the housewife who cooks meals and cleans bathrooms and chases toddlers around until they take off to college… of picket fences and baking cookies and carpool. I think today’s generation {or at least twenty-somethings who aren’t married yet and enjoy the fruits of being ‘single’} are choosing selective domesticity. We’re learning that we don’t have to chase after every aspect of domesticity, we can pick and choose. And furthermore, you don’t have to be a married, mommy of five to be domestic. It’s alright to be a ‘single housewife’ … a domestic goddess … Husbands and children are not a prerequisite for feeling the success and accomplishment of domestic ventures! I think there is a lot to be said for embarking on an adventure into the unknown and finding that creativity and domesticity inside of you! Personally, my domestic outlet is cooking. {God knows I wasn’t going to pick toilet cleaning} I love learning how to cook a new meal and experimenting with different tastes and ingredients, crossing my fingers and toes that it tastes even remotely edible.  It’s fulfilling … and fun! What will YOU select?


Do you think martini drinking martini making counts as a category for selective domesticity?! =)


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