15 Dec

Give to a charity for the holidays. Yes, we are all feeling the crunch of these economic times {Which by the way I’m getting sick of saying. And, I think that by us saying it so often we are only perpetuating it.} but there are so many people who are less fortunate than us – and helping doesn’t have to mean “open thy wallet!”  When we were growing up, there were times that we couldn’t have had the many things we were fortunate to have without the help of others. From an early age, we were taught to give back  – to help – and to have compassion for those who were less fortunate. In fact, my mothers sole mission and work in life {of course, besides raising her kids} is to help the less fortunate and to have compassion for them when others don’t.


You may think that picking and angel off the tree at church means a child will get a present for Christmas they wouldn’t have otherwise had, and you’d be right … but have you thought about the sanity and peace-of-mind you are giving to the parents? Now, they can enjoy the spirit and essence of Christmas with their family without the worry and guilt of not being able to provide a present under the tree. It’s really not about the present at all .. it’s about being free to celebrate the holiday without worry or shame.


And, you really don’t have to open your wallet. Why not visit a nursing home? There are elderly people there who don’t have families to celebrate the holidays with. And, they LOVE to see children. Take the kids and sing carols, bake them cookies, just visit and spend a few minutes learning about them. Just those little things can make their day! Why not do the same at the VA house? When we were little we used to bake the veterans who lived there cookies and take them board games that we didn’t play anymore. They loved it. Why not visit a soup kitchen? Why not volunteer your time at a thrift store? Or, volunteer to help wrap the angel gifts that come in unwrapped? .. There are so many different ways. And, if there is ever a Christmas to go out and help someone … this is the time.


FYI: This is where you Angel presents end up. The organization my mom has worked for for over 20 years now takes all the presents, wraps the ones that aren’t wrapped, and organizes them by family/child. If a child’s angel is not filled – it is filled by new donations made to the thrift store throughout the year. Each box on the tables you see represents a family who will have a brighter holiday. They will receive the presents as well as a basket of food and certificate for a turkey. It truly is a great thing. {thanks to my sister for the photo}


I hope that anyone reading this blog will take the time to share their time and talent with someone else this holiday season. The families that need help are families just like yours and mine who have fallen on hard times – I’m sure that if the tables were turned, we would be so grateful for someone who didn’t judge, but who helped with compassion.


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