17 Dec


Whew. I need a mental break. I’m embarking on a new journey that is taxing my mind at the moment, and clearing it via this blog is certainly helping my sanity. Can’t say that anything too domestic or creative happened today – just a whole lotta time spent expanding my knowledge base, thus giving me an annoying dull headache.  I wonder how doctors and lawyers keep all that information in their brain without it mixing up all the definitions and examples … certainly not my calling in life. I’m such a visual learner that I literally sit and write down everything I want/need to learn, draw bubbles around important facts,  use different color pens and highlighters to draw attention, draw arrows and bullet points .. anything to help jog my memory when its time to regurgitate the info. And, after all that has been done. I sometimes use notecards, and type up study indexes in Word. When it’s time to recall the information, I can literally see the colors, patterns, and pages where the information was written & it helps me. So… needless to say. My brain is tired. And THIS is the food I think about when I’m tired… night ya’ll!


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