Chinese for Two

18 Dec


I’m a big fan of Chinese food, and was pretty skeptical of the commercials for the new Wanchai Ferry frozen packages. However, I’m in a no fuss, no mess, no clean-up kinda mood. So while I was grocery shopping at 7pm in the pouring rain, I thought what better time to try it out. 14 minutes it claims …


Woah, sticker shock! One package meal $8.99! And when they say “dinner for two” – they really mean dinner for two! There are no leftovers in this bowl! All-in-all though, it was really good Chinese food. We had the Sweet and Sour Chicken and it was great. {They also have a Sesame Chicken, and Spicy Garlic, and a few more I don’t remember} Even included pieces of pineapple. I may like it better than take-out Chinese food because it didn’t leave that heavy feeling in my stomach. The flavoring was actually just right. I’m not keen on the price, but I did find a coupon for you guys on their website: {$1.50}. I would recommend it to anyone in the kinda “food mood” I’m in lately – I want something good to eat, but couldn’t be bothered to make it. Enjoy!



** I did get some blueberry streusel muffin mix and some sunmaid raisin oatmeal cookie mix… I may not feel like cooking, but baking seems to be calling my name! =)


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