Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

19 Dec


Today was a freezing cold, rainy, down right rotten day with too many errands to run. Ok, I lie. It was cold and rainy … but, not completely rotten. I got a pedicure & manicure which made my day! It’s amazing how sitting in that massage chair getting a little R&R will make your day a little brighter.  How long do you spend standing at the wall picking out a nail color? You don’t wanna know how long it takes me!!  Gosh, it’s even worse when I have to pick out nails AND toes, cause you know I never match them {I try to pick ones that just ‘go’}. I felt bad today, because the man was standing there waiting on me… “Excuse me, I’m trying to coordinate my fingers and toes. This takes time.”


Here she is: Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees by OPI {nail color chosen after nearly 10 minutes}


It was hard to match ‘Suzi” … so, I went with one a little more neutral on the toes – just a pale baby pink. I think the ladies were a bit confused by me when I asked for the darker one on my fingers. I guess I really just like how the darker colors look on short nails like mine. There were a few minutes where they weren’t speaking English, that I was SURE they were making fun of me. But, then again, I’m probably paranoid. I do have big toes!


Well, enjoy the rest of your  night {or morning at this point}. And, if you feel like a little experimenting you can go to and “try on” the different nail polish colors. I should buy stock in this company. Night Ya’ll!


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