Ahhh, but can you do the ‘shell stitch’?

26 Dec


I had another person giggle today when they were told that I can crochet. “You can crochet?” {pure and utter amazement on their face} Geeze, what kinda vibes am I really giving off? And, what kind of person crochets?


I met a neighbor today. A sweet, older Catholic lady. {I only mention that she is Catholic, because she made sure to ‘define herself’ to me as a woman who was very religious and involved with her church. Normally, I would not ‘define soemone’ with their religion} We talked for several minutes and then it was mentioned that I was crocheting a blanket … she was so very excited to learn that we had something in common. {And, no she wasn’t the one that was shocked} She quickly ran back to her house and grabbed a piece of her “crafting” to show me. She came back with the most lovely purple scarf. It was crocheted with what she called a “shell stitch.” You could tell she had been “crafting” for a long time. I showed her my unfinished blanket, to which she quickly pointed out that I had missed a stitch about 40 rows back, and that I should really go back {rip it out forty rows} and correct my mistake if I wanted it to be perfectly symmetrical. {Phs! Does she KNOW how long 40 rows takes me!} I laughed and told her I would add a stitch to the other end of the blanket when there are only a few rows left to go, and that would be just fine with me! {Go back 40 rows, what is this woman thinking?} Needless to say, she was most excited to talk to me AND we even planned a crochet date where she would like to teach me some more stitches. Seeing as how I only know one… that just may be fun! … Leave it to me to befriend a 60-something, crafter! Interesting stories should come from this!


I’ll catch you up on my blanket tomorrow. It’s coming along quite nicely – missed stitch and all!


{The Shell Stitch I will be learning soon}


One Response to “Ahhh, but can you do the ‘shell stitch’?”

  1. it's a secret December.26.2009 at 1:35 am #

    That is so so precious! Old people are so cute.

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