Le Creuset: The Louis Vuitton of Cooking

26 Dec


I wish I knew about these before Santa came to visit:


Le Creuset just launched these as s new product. They are mini-cocottes and come with the cookbook you see in the picture, which gives you recipes specifically for the small pots. Things like individual lasagna, chicken pot pie, molten chocolate cake, and french onion soup. I’m in heaven. They are so adorable and perfect for making ‘small’ dinners for two. {I always seem to make WAY more food than is necessary for two people, probably because I came from a family of 5 and don’t have a grasp on portion sizes}


I was reading more about Le Creuset and think I will aspire to own some of these one day {perhaps a kitchen full} … From what I’ve been reading, they are incredible. Like the Louis Vuitton of cooking. Beautiful and colorful enamelled cast iron pots. They have been produced in France since 1927, and are said to be the highest quality in cookware. {Sign me up!} I found out today that my grandmother had an orange set {the color I want} back before my family immigrated to the states from Ireland. SO JEALOUS. My mothers exact words “they were heavy and grannie burned a lot of stuff!” Funny, they are said to distribute heat really well .. I can’t imagine you burning something .. but then again, I’ve seen my grannies cooking!


I’ll take one of each, thank you!


Or a kitchen like this would do too!


If it is possible to dream about pots and pans and kitchens tonight, I’m pretty sure that is what I will be doing! Night Ya’ll!


One Response to “Le Creuset: The Louis Vuitton of Cooking”

  1. Julia February.22.2012 at 9:09 am #

    I just got my first piece for christmas and NOW I see what all the talk is about. It does distribute and transfer heat very well and I have almost burned a few things for that reason. It gets hotter than normal because it retains the heat so well. I have a 3 1/2 quart oval oven and I love to brown in it then braise in the oven. I also make stove top soups in it. It’s big enough to hold a standard whole chicken, in cut if you like. I am looking now at a 4 1/4 quart round chef oven. I never thought much for the mini ones but now you have me thinking!!

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