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Heaven in a Mug … {Warm Bliss}

31 Jan


… just a little side note to my earlier post …



My night is complete. Hot chocolate {real marshmallows}, a book, and John Mayer playing in the background. I’m a happy woman right now. Funny how something like hot chocolate {which reminds me of childhood and Christmas} can make you feel so warm and relaxed … mmmm, heaven. Goodnight Ya’ll!

Sweaty Palms and Salad Forks

31 Jan



By now, I’m a relatively domesticated creature. I’ve been on this earth for nearly 28 years now {woah. gasp} I can make my way around a kitchen, even worked at a catering company for a while planning events and weddings. Yet, choosing a fork for my salad makes my palms sweaty, my heart race, and my tummy rumble. Formal affairs make me want to crawl under a table and hide. Well, I take that last part back…. I love to get dressed up, meet people, have a glass of wine {or two} and enjoy great food … that is, if I can properly navigate the table setting. {ha} I’ve learned … when in doubt, take a sip of your drink, watch the others and follow.


In all seriousness, we had a great time last night. It was a pleasure to get dressed up, meet new people, and enjoy the company of our colleagues. {Of course, seeing foodie bf in a tux didn’t hurt at all either! wink} The food was pretty good too! The salad was very visually stimulating … basically, it was Romaine lettuce {standing up vertically} held together by a crouton in the shape of a napkin ring, with caesar dressing drizzled over the plate. Pretty cool idea for a salad. The main course was free-range chicken that was served with a potato and sweet potato hash. It was very delish!  I’m going to try to find a recipe for hash similar to that.. it was really good. Then we had some kind of chocolate-raspberry cake for dessert which wasn’t too impressive, sadly. {I love dessert!} And, on top of it all… we won the centerpiece on the table. It has beautiful fall colors with some Magnolia leaves and looks beautiful on the kitchen island…. Oh, and the second best part of going out on the town … relaxing, cuddling, and being lazy all day today!


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I’m gonna continue to lounge around and procrastinate thinking about Monday …

Slim Pickin’s

29 Jan


Tuna, Tomato Soup, Fettuccine Noodles, Sliced Cheese, Lettuce, Milk, Blueberries, Bacon, Grapefruit, Wheat Thins, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Half a Loaf of Almost Crusty Bread, Fiber Bars, Four Day Old Chili, 5 Potatoes, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree….


{I wish you could have heard me singing}



The pickin’s are slim in my refrigerator this lovely night… I haven’t been to the store in almost two weeks. Now, a “domestic goddess” would probably be able to whip up a five star gourmet meal from the few trinkets I have in my pantry … but this wanna-be … she made grilled cheese and a wee’ bit -o- tomato soup. It calmed by grumbling belly for now, but I’m sure I’ll be hungry again by midnight. I just have a hole in my tummy that never fills up. {ask my mother how much she spent on groceries when I lived at the house!}


I have yet to determine the best method for grilled cheese. Do you butter the bread, or butter the pan? Real cheese or Kraft Singles? Frying Pan or Panini Maker? Sliced from corner to corner or down the middle? Personally, I’m a fan of buttering the bread first, using real cheese {two slices}, on a frying pan, sliced right down the middle… But that’s just me. What about you?!


Hope you all had a great day … I’m off to hit the hay. Black-tie dinner party tomorrow and can’t wait! I’ll have to give you all a report on the food/drink! Night ya’ll!!

Bring Me the Buns!

26 Jan


I’m told that if I ask politely, the grocery store will order special things for me. If this is the truth, I’m so excited. You see, I have this problem … a few weeks ago, I told you about the most amazing hot dog buns ever invented {Snuggles} and today I was told the grocery store near my house was no longer carrying them. So, I headed 25 minutes to Publix {they always have them} where the lady in the bakery told me they are discontinued {there is no way this is possible} … Ugh. I know you are thinking, I’m out of my mind and that “it’s just a hot dog bun” but I’m telling you: they are amazing! I was so disappointed – tonight I was going to make chili cheese dogs with the leftover chili from last night {I know, I know. How domestic of me.} In the end, I settled for the regular hot dog buns, but  just don’t think they hold in the chili as well as the U-shaped Snuggles. And, since they are made with more of a pita texture they don’t burn when you try to toast them in the oven. The regular ones did ok though and I felt proud to actually use my leftovers for another purpose! {go me}


On a completely different note: I’m a cheese lover. While at Publix, I was able to snag some of my favorite cheese; Port Salut. I adore this as a snack on some warmed up French bread with some salami. Yum. If you haven’t tried it, I really suggest you do. It’s ah’mazing! {and will be in my belly for lunch tomorrow, if I can wait that long} … Night ya’ll!


Quick & Easy Chili Recipe {Picture Tutorial}

25 Jan


**Update: This blog is getting a ton of visitors from Pinterest {Thanks y’all!} … Yes, I forgot to mention that you need to throw a can of dark red kidney beans a pinto beans into the mix. They’re in the picture, but I must have been too busy eating chili to realize I left it out of the instructions. Just make sure you drain them and you’ll be good! Enjoy and thanks for all the nice comments! – Amy **

I was really craving some seafood tonight – scallops to be exact – but somehow I managed to end up with a big bowl of chili. Let me tell you though, I cook some mean chili! And, don’t forget, it’s ridiculously easy and makes your kitchen smell like you are a seasoned domestic goddess {just what I’m going for – score!} Really, all you need for this recipe is two photos: the ingredients and the finished product… it’s that easy… dump the stuff in the pot and let it cook! Now, those are my kinda recipes!!! {but, just to be nice… I’ll include the measurements}

You will need:

{Serves approx 6-8}

1 Medium Onion {minced}

3-5 Garlic Cloves {minced}

1 – 1 1/2 pound of lean ground beef

2 cans of diced tomatoes {Onion, Garlic, & Oregano flavor)

1 can of petite diced tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce

2 TBSP Chili Powder

1 TBSP Ground Cumin

2 TBSP White Sugar

1 TBSP Salt

1 TBSP Tabasco Sauce

1 TSP Pepper

And, here’s what you do:

1. Brown the beef with onion and garlic. {Drain fat when finished and return meat to pot.}

2. Add cans of tomatoes, sauce, chili powder, cumin, sugar, salt, Tabasco, and pepper.

3. Simmer for at least 30-45 minutes …  but it tastes better the longer you let it simmer.


Beautiful isn’t she? I like to serve mine with cornbread muffins {the kind in the Jiffy box}, a bit of shredded cheddar cheese, and a dollop of sour cream. Some people balk at the sour cream, but I think it tastes good.

{Did anyone happen to notice the amount of chili I cooked? I told you I have a problem with portion control.}

Rave reviews around this house for the chili … why don’t you try it at your house and let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear, as always! …. On a side note, I’m discovering my passion for Marketing all over again. With this new career, almost every day brings a new opportunity to use my marketing degree and marketing knowledge … and so far, I really love it. I hope that it stays this positive for a while to come!!!

Hope you all had a great day. And, I hope you enjoy the chili recipe. {Time to go watch the Bachelor – I should be ashamed for watching such nonsense … but I’m not!!! ha} Night ya’ll!

Chop, Chop, Owww!

24 Jan


If I were to write a screen play for the happeneings of this afternoon, it would go a little something like this:


…. Domestic Wanna-Be stands in kitchen chopping onions, shalots, and carrots for her second attempt at Braised Short Ribs. {Foodie BF was so delighted the last time they were cooked, the Domestic Wanna-Be is eager to cook them again!} …. Foodie BF is off in another world, checking emails, listening to music, and enjoying the company of the dog when he hears a scream from the kitchen ….


Domestic Wanna Be: {In a very clam, yet assertive voice} “Baby, I’ve cut myself.”

Foodie BF: {Running into the kitchen in a panic, with worry and uncertainty in his voice.} “Stick your finger under the water!”

Domestic Wanna-Be: {Unable to make herself look at her finger. Tears filling up in her eyes.} “I think I cut off my finger nail. It hurts so bad. I don’t wanna look. Its bleeding so bad!”

Foodie BF: “You’re going to be just fine. This is part of learning to cook.” {He takes her finger out from under the water, and then with a giggle in his voice…} “Where exactly is this cut?”

Domestic Wanna-Be: {Shocked, she pulls her finger away to look.} “It’s right …. right… right there!” {She points to a little surface cut on her middle finger and part of the finger nail. Barely bleeding}

Foodie BF: “I thought you had cut your finger off!”


{let the knife/food holding instruction begin…}



You Look Nice … Jump in My Cart!

22 Jan


Portion Control. Do you know anyone who actually looks at the suggested portion sizes? And, for that matter, who has enough self-control to follow the portion control suggestions? Growing up, there were always five mouthes to feed at dinner .. that meant loads of potatoes, cans or bushels of veggies, and pots large enough to serve an army. Only having to cook for two now, is quite difficult. I still end up with potatoes for a week! But, I may have a solution … well at least when it comes time for dessert:



Ben and Jerry’s miniature cups. Hello Heaven. You know, I was a Marketing major in my day. I wonder if it is good or bad that I’m wildly attracted to things in pretty packaging … {hence the bounce bar, the 20 bottles of shampoo/conditioner in my shower, and now the miniature ice creams} … I can’t help but wonder if it is healthy to put something in my cart based on pretty packaging before I even know what the product is! Needless to say, these little Ben and Jerry’s are big winners in my book! Cute packaging, great contents, and to top it all off: a built in spoon! Mmmm… I’m in love.  I will say, however, that I only buy these when they are 5 for $5 otherwise, I’m not spending my money. And, yes, I could go and buy a huge carton {or two} for the price I’m paying for the little, cute ones.. but if it means my arse doesn’t grow to the size of Canada because I have no self-control or general idea on portion control and these things can help … then I’ll keep buying these little suckers. Enjoy, Ya’ll!

The Delirious Domestic Bug

21 Jan


Can you hear the choirs singing? “She cooked! She Cooked!” I had a little domestic bug bite me on the way home from work tonight. He sat on my shoulder and said “Hey girl pretending to be domestic… if you are going to maintain your domesticity you need to cook dinner. Tonight. Don’t lay down when you get home, you’ll never get up again. Get straight to cooking as soon as you walk in the door!”  … The bug was right. Smart thing. So, I cooked. Salisbury Steak {my version}, Garlic Potatoes {we eat a lot of potatoes}, and Corn on the Cob {cut off the cob and buttered/salted} … Everything turned out well, and I’m definitely full now! Although, the trade-off to my delirious state was that I only took a few pictures… none of which are really blog worthy. Here’s the meal … perhaps I’ll do a picture tutorial the next time I cook this meal. Hope you all had a great day. Tomorrow is Friday {Hooray}


I Digress

20 Jan


Someone save me. My domesticity is lapsing. Is it possible to revert so far back to my previous state of un-domestic misfortune, that I forget how far I’ve come? This, I believe, could be possible.


I’ve always wanted to be the working mom on the run who was able to balance every aspect of her life/career, her husbands needs/wants, her kids activities/schooling, etc. {heck, even the dog} … I’ve been attempting domesticity and a career for about 2 weeks now and haven’t cooked or cleaned a damn thing! {and I don’t even have kids!} My little space is starting to cave in on top of  me. Laundry is calling my name. The strange things I cooked three weeks ago are growing mold in the fridge. The dog is looking at me like he has never been outside in his life. Paperwork is staking up on my desk like I’ve been out of town for years. And my poor pedicure is cracking, peeling, and going to hell in a handbasket. Save me from this insanity. Someone tell me how in the world the average woman manages? Call it beginners exhaustion or maybe even being out of practice, but the bed {and inevitable nap that follows} is calling my name before I even set foot out of the car!


Do domestic, hard-working, career women really exist? If they do… I’m way behind the mark!


I’ve decided to write myself a post-it note. Actually, {I take that back} I’m going to make myself a beautiful sign to hang on my bathroom mirror …. inscribed: “STEP IT UP” … Reminding me of my call to action every day. “You can be both a domestic and career goddess!” {giggle} I’ll let you know how much that sign inspires me at 6am tomorrow! {ha}


On a little side note… we had beer and pizza for dinner. An amazing pizza actually: Spinach, Artichoke, Feta, and Garlic/Oil base, with no red sauce. And then we topped that off with a few Blue Moons {complete with the essential orange slice} Sometimes there is nothing better than digressing to college days and chowing down on a greasy pizza followed by a nice cold beer… {gosh, I sound like a man} … Headed to bed ya’ll. Hope you had a great night. Tomorrow, I fully intend on cooking Salisbury Steak, so if you’re interested – come back to see that fiasco! Night, Ya’ll!

{Update} Buh Bye Bounce Bar

20 Jan


Back in January, I bought a Bounce Bar. You know, the new and exciting bar that you stick inside your dryer and supposedly takes the place of having to remember to throw in a dryer sheet every time you dry a load of clothes. Umm… yeah, great idea! And, I’m tempted by pretty packaging {marketing major} so I scooped this one up fairly quickly. It claims to last two months … or until the fabric softener bar starts to ‘melt’ away and reveals a “time to replace” icon. Well, ladies and gentleman, its been one month and 8 days … my clothes are full of static, and there is no smell anymore. {and it isn’t even telling me to replace it yet} I loved it at first, because it gave my clothes an overwhelming fabric softener smell .. which I adore … but, I’m just not as excited about it now, despite the fact that I don’t have to remember to put in a dryer sheet. {or use 10 per load like I usually do} It’s just not THAT useful. I think I would rather go back to dryer sheets where I can regulate how many I put in at a time …


Just my thoughts. I can’t sleep and realized I had left you hanging about my Bounce Bar {I know you were waiting on pins and needles to hear the results} … Now, I guess the next report will be how easily it comes OUT of my machine! Anyone else tried out this contraption?