Goodbye Oh’Nine. Hello Oh’Ten.

1 Jan


I’m not one for reflections, but as 2010 {or oh’ten as I call it} begins, I look back and truly believe it was a year of learning. I’ve closed a business, moved to a different state, lost a job, moved again, changed career paths, taken on some new knowledge, and become a domestic goddess. {ha ha. thought I’d try to slide that one in there} I can look back at the year in segments, some good and some bad. But when it was all said and done … I learned a lot about myself. {or, so I think}


Do we ever stop learning about ourselves? One day will I wake up and know exactly who I am? With all the changes in my life this year, I’ve found myself in different situations, different environments, and certainly in uncharted territory, and I feel like I’ve either learned something or adapted something into my life from every different situation. When does this stop? Or, does it ever? Will I always be learning, changing and adapting .. thus, always making me learn about the person I truly am? Because, frankly, it’s kinda exhausting.


The things I do know: I’m getting stronger. I’m learning. I’m growing up. {they don’t tell you that 27 isn’t grown up} I’m in love with my family and bf. I’m forgiving. I’m smart. I’m talented. I’m driven. {when I want to be} I’m lazy. {when I want to be} I’m creative. I’m letting my domesticity emerge. I’m hysterical. {more so when under the influence of wine} I’m learning to laugh at myself more. I’m looking outside the mold. I’m sensitive. I’m caring. I’m better with short hair. I’m not defined by my job. I’m a good friend. I’m a shopaholic. I’m a clothes nut. {see previous} I’m not a nail-biter anymore. I’m a freak for a manicure {see nail-biting} I’m getting more aggressive. I’m expecting success. I’m slightly amazing. {ha another slip} I’m leaving a few out. And… I’m happy to have learned half of these things in oh’nine.


What I want to learn: What else is there to me? and … Where do babies come from? {only kidding}


Goodbye oh’nine. Hello oh’ten. I’m glad you are here! {And, I hope you all have a Happy and exciting New Year, and continue to check in on my little blog to share in my Emerging Domesticity!}


One Response to “Goodbye Oh’Nine. Hello Oh’Ten.”

  1. MaryPat January.2.2010 at 7:48 pm #

    I haven’t figured it out yet and I have 10 years on you chica. But then again, age doesn’t mean much. I learn from you all the time. And if you asked me, I think you are doing fantastic, and glad you are starting 2010 with a great attitude! Miss you~

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