Cookbooks, Thrift Stores, and Jalapenos

11 Jan


My little sister and I took a trip to the thrift store today. I want to grow my cookbook collection {which is seriously lacking} and found a great cookbook on Eastern European Cooking. With a little research online, I found out it is from a PBS type television station in Pittsburgh. Some of the recipes {most of the recipes} have ingredients that I can’t even pronounce yet alone know where to buy … but it could be fun to try to make some of these dishes. Especially because the “foodie” boyfriend loves to eat random, different, unique, ethnic food… this should be right up his alley!



You know, I love finding treasures at the thrift store that tell a story. A note in the back tells me a story about Mary who enjoyed a Tea Time at the Masters cookbook given to her by Barb. Mary always thought of Barb when she watched the Ethnic Cooking show and thought she would get the cookbook and send it to her as a gift. Apparently, Barb didn’t enjoy the cookbook quite as much as Mary … It did end up at the thrift store! {ha} Her loss is my gain! {Note to self: get all personal items out of or off of anything I donate to charity}


I also made some Pho for my family tonight … Consensus: They don’t love cilantro as much as I do. And, it was great to see my moms face when I told here there was a jalapeno in the mix! {shhh… there was two} But, overall it was a big success! Tomorrow, I’m going to be ‘easy’ on them and make some good ol’ comfort food: Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice Casserole. De’lish!


Well, that’s all for tonight ya’ll. I’m going to go submerge myself in some really stinky reality tv: The Bachelor.


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