Le Creuset Ecstacy!

12 Jan


I think I may be on domestic overload. Not only did I get a stand-up mixer for my belated Christmas from “Santa,” but today I found out the set of Le Creuset pots that my grandmother “didn’t bring with her when she moved from Canada to the States” exist. THEY EXIST. And, they are currently IN MY KITCHEN! I just inherited two dutch ovens and a sauce pan!



Imagine the quality of these pots. My grandmother got these in the 70’s – they are older than me – they have lasted over thirty years! They also have a lifetime warranty so, the fact that the saucepan is unfortunately missing its handle may not be too bad. I think they may actually replace it {I’ll keep you posted} And, I can buy some new lid handles right off their website! … Now, the big question is … what … am … I … going … to … cook … FIRST! Holy excitement!


One Response to “Le Creuset Ecstacy!”

  1. Accoutrements January.13.2010 at 9:19 am #

    Wow, what a great find. That’s so special. You’ll love the pots.

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