I Digress

20 Jan


Someone save me. My domesticity is lapsing. Is it possible to revert so far back to my previous state of un-domestic misfortune, that I forget how far I’ve come? This, I believe, could be possible.


I’ve always wanted to be the working mom on the run who was able to balance every aspect of her life/career, her husbands needs/wants, her kids activities/schooling, etc. {heck, even the dog} … I’ve been attempting domesticity and a career for about 2 weeks now and haven’t cooked or cleaned a damn thing! {and I don’t even have kids!} My little space is starting to cave in on top of  me. Laundry is calling my name. The strange things I cooked three weeks ago are growing mold in the fridge. The dog is looking at me like he has never been outside in his life. Paperwork is staking up on my desk like I’ve been out of town for years. And my poor pedicure is cracking, peeling, and going to hell in a handbasket. Save me from this insanity. Someone tell me how in the world the average woman manages? Call it beginners exhaustion or maybe even being out of practice, but the bed {and inevitable nap that follows} is calling my name before I even set foot out of the car!


Do domestic, hard-working, career women really exist? If they do… I’m way behind the mark!


I’ve decided to write myself a post-it note. Actually, {I take that back} I’m going to make myself a beautiful sign to hang on my bathroom mirror …. inscribed: “STEP IT UP” … Reminding me of my call to action every day. “You can be both a domestic and career goddess!” {giggle} I’ll let you know how much that sign inspires me at 6am tomorrow! {ha}


On a little side note… we had beer and pizza for dinner. An amazing pizza actually: Spinach, Artichoke, Feta, and Garlic/Oil base, with no red sauce. And then we topped that off with a few Blue Moons {complete with the essential orange slice} Sometimes there is nothing better than digressing to college days and chowing down on a greasy pizza followed by a nice cold beer… {gosh, I sound like a man} … Headed to bed ya’ll. Hope you had a great night. Tomorrow, I fully intend on cooking Salisbury Steak, so if you’re interested – come back to see that fiasco! Night, Ya’ll!


2 Responses to “I Digress”

  1. su January.21.2010 at 10:31 pm #

    no one does it all, all the time and you’re doing great ! have you ever heard of flylady? —–baby steps, my dear! baby steps and you’ll get there!

  2. immlach January.26.2010 at 2:11 am #

    Take it easy on yourself. My mom always told me what her mother told her before, “the psych ward is full of women who try to do it all.”
    Relax. Deep breaths. You’ll be fine. Call me if you need a slap with a cold wet rag of reality into “well, it could be worse” or even “I’m not alone”.

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