The Delirious Domestic Bug

21 Jan


Can you hear the choirs singing? “She cooked! She Cooked!” I had a little domestic bug bite me on the way home from work tonight. He sat on my shoulder and said “Hey girl pretending to be domestic… if you are going to maintain your domesticity you need to cook dinner. Tonight. Don’t lay down when you get home, you’ll never get up again. Get straight to cooking as soon as you walk in the door!”  … The bug was right. Smart thing. So, I cooked. Salisbury Steak {my version}, Garlic Potatoes {we eat a lot of potatoes}, and Corn on the Cob {cut off the cob and buttered/salted} … Everything turned out well, and I’m definitely full now! Although, the trade-off to my delirious state was that I only took a few pictures… none of which are really blog worthy. Here’s the meal … perhaps I’ll do a picture tutorial the next time I cook this meal. Hope you all had a great day. Tomorrow is Friday {Hooray}



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