Chop, Chop, Owww!

24 Jan


If I were to write a screen play for the happeneings of this afternoon, it would go a little something like this:


…. Domestic Wanna-Be stands in kitchen chopping onions, shalots, and carrots for her second attempt at Braised Short Ribs. {Foodie BF was so delighted the last time they were cooked, the Domestic Wanna-Be is eager to cook them again!} …. Foodie BF is off in another world, checking emails, listening to music, and enjoying the company of the dog when he hears a scream from the kitchen ….


Domestic Wanna Be: {In a very clam, yet assertive voice} “Baby, I’ve cut myself.”

Foodie BF: {Running into the kitchen in a panic, with worry and uncertainty in his voice.} “Stick your finger under the water!”

Domestic Wanna-Be: {Unable to make herself look at her finger. Tears filling up in her eyes.} “I think I cut off my finger nail. It hurts so bad. I don’t wanna look. Its bleeding so bad!”

Foodie BF: “You’re going to be just fine. This is part of learning to cook.” {He takes her finger out from under the water, and then with a giggle in his voice…} “Where exactly is this cut?”

Domestic Wanna-Be: {Shocked, she pulls her finger away to look.} “It’s right …. right… right there!” {She points to a little surface cut on her middle finger and part of the finger nail. Barely bleeding}

Foodie BF: “I thought you had cut your finger off!”


{let the knife/food holding instruction begin…}




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