Sweaty Palms and Salad Forks

31 Jan



By now, I’m a relatively domesticated creature. I’ve been on this earth for nearly 28 years now {woah. gasp} I can make my way around a kitchen, even worked at a catering company for a while planning events and weddings. Yet, choosing a fork for my salad makes my palms sweaty, my heart race, and my tummy rumble. Formal affairs make me want to crawl under a table and hide. Well, I take that last part back…. I love to get dressed up, meet people, have a glass of wine {or two} and enjoy great food … that is, if I can properly navigate the table setting. {ha} I’ve learned … when in doubt, take a sip of your drink, watch the others and follow.


In all seriousness, we had a great time last night. It was a pleasure to get dressed up, meet new people, and enjoy the company of our colleagues. {Of course, seeing foodie bf in a tux didn’t hurt at all either! wink} The food was pretty good too! The salad was very visually stimulating … basically, it was Romaine lettuce {standing up vertically} held together by a crouton in the shape of a napkin ring, with caesar dressing drizzled over the plate. Pretty cool idea for a salad. The main course was free-range chicken that was served with a potato and sweet potato hash. It was very delish!  I’m going to try to find a recipe for hash similar to that.. it was really good. Then we had some kind of chocolate-raspberry cake for dessert which wasn’t too impressive, sadly. {I love dessert!} And, on top of it all… we won the centerpiece on the table. It has beautiful fall colors with some Magnolia leaves and looks beautiful on the kitchen island…. Oh, and the second best part of going out on the town … relaxing, cuddling, and being lazy all day today!


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I’m gonna continue to lounge around and procrastinate thinking about Monday …


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