Eight Hours in Heels

5 Feb


Wouldn’t life with a personal assistant just be wonderful? … As I lay here in bed, still fully clothed in my ‘work outfit,’ eating a slice of pizza, sipping an almost warm Gatorade, hair in all directions, mascara clumping in the corners of my eyes, and the dog snuggled at my feet, I’m contemplating scheduling. {Completely normal for a twenty-eight year old to be doing on a Friday night, right?} I’ve done all the standard methods of time organization: a written day planner, Outlook on my Blackberry and computer, and post-it’s! Perhaps it is my personality that makes me run around like a crazy person trying to balance plates on my head … that could be it.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving this. I’m loving the new career. I’m loving the new marketing ideas and projects. I’m loving every aspect of this new job! … Throw in blogging on this site {which is my release}, planning and cooking dinner {which is becoming quite a task because of limited time}, the set up and launch of a new website, blog, and social media outlets for said new career, and finding time to spend with the Foodie BF – and you’ve got me running around like a crazy woman in heels. {By the way, when you haven’t worn heels in six months because you didn’t have an ‘office’ to go to – and then all of a sudden start wearing again for 8 hours a day – turn out to be the most painful objects of my desire! ouch!}


I really shouldn’t be complaining … everything in my life is so much fun right now. It’s great to wake up every morning and be excited about what the day will bring. And, I love that I’m actually using my Marketing degree to its fullest right now! {makes me feel only slightly better when I pay my student loans each month} Now, if we could get a little upturn in the economy – I’d be jumping for joy!


Moral of the story tonight: Despite running around like a crazy woman in heels, I’m learning to be thankful and to breathe deep, slow down, and just finish one task at a time. Mom always said I work best when I have a project to complete & she’s always right … night ya’ll


One Response to “Eight Hours in Heels”

  1. thetwentyfifthyear February.7.2010 at 11:16 pm #

    You need those toe gel massagers!! They look like the foam dividers they use when you get a pedicure but they are gel and REALLY helpful for those all-day heel days.

    Being crazy busy is how I do my best work, too and it is absolutely wonderful to have a release. Thank goodness, right?

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