Grocery Pick-Up … Yes, Please!

10 Feb


Well, hello! I miss you blog. Honestly, it’s been days since I have cooked a meal. Tonight it’s nearly 12:30 and I just sat down to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’m craving some really good, belly filling, heart warming food. I’m going to have to break down tomorrow and schedule time to cook a dinner… my body needs something that isn’t from a fast food line, a jar, or plastic container.


I also found the most amazing amenity today… my grocery store will now allow you to order your groceries online, they will “shop them,” and will have them patiently waiting in a cooler for your arrival at the pick-up lane. Now, I’m not THAT busy that I can’t grocery shop. In fact, I love to grocery shop. But… just imagine the possibilities. And… you will never EVER believe how much this little service costs….


Come on, try to guess… work with me here. How much would you pay for a service like that?


Let me tell you, I thought I was reading it wrong… $4.95 .. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I would pay $4.95 just to not have to park my car near the others and risk door-dings! $4.95 … I’m all over $4.95! And, the first time is FREE… FREE… FREE. You don’t have to tell me twice.


Tonight … in my exhausted stooper … I’m ordering groceries online! Wahoo.. I’ll let you know how this turns out! Night Ya’ll {And, I promise .. a dinner of some sort tomorrow!}


2 Responses to “Grocery Pick-Up … Yes, Please!”

  1. thetwentyfifthyear February.10.2010 at 10:12 am #

    Wow – this is something totally new and unheard of around here (or maybe I am just not paying close enough attention.) I love a good grocery shop, but I tend to play the circle-back game and make various trips down the aisles. While I am sure this is good for my cardio, it is very time consuming and frustrating. The other day I spent AT LEAST a solid five minutes pacing the aisles looking for Hormel Chili without the beans for a dip recipe. Five minutes may not sound like long but it was for BEANS. I never found them and had to change the dip line-up. I would gladly pay $4.95 for someone to do that for me. GLADLY!

  2. :o) mg February.11.2010 at 8:20 am #

    it is really convenient when you are ill… a friend of mine just did this at publix.

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