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I’m Gonna Let One Rip …. One of these days

14 May

Sometimes there are not enough minutes and hours in the day to gather all the thoughts in my head. They swirl around in there, but I can’t ever manage to get them out. Put me in front of a computer or a pen and paper and I can tell you exactly what I’m thinking … catch me off guard, ask me when I’m not ready, confront me, and I’ll mumble and stumble and spit out something that may not even resemble the thoughts in my head. And, I hate to offend people or make them unhappy or uncomfortable, so I watch my words and mold my sentences to fit what I think you want to hear and sometimes this prevents me from ever getting close to what I really wanted to say. What does this make me? How will I ever be heard?

Ever want to stand up and scream? Jump on the table and belt one out? Ugh…

How does one learn to speak their mind without feeling any kind of remorse for what they have said? How does one get so confident that they can say exactly what they are thinking without hesitation? I need to learn this ….