Sprite Pound Cake | Heaven on a Plate!

4 Aug

Prepare your hips ladies, I want to talk about cake.  Sweet glorious cake.  I’ve posted before about the wonderful recipe I have for “Sprite Pound Cake” … well, I made it again last night.  I actually planned ahead {shocking, I know} and baked the cake before dinner because I knew there was no way I would feel like baking after cooking dinner, unloading/loading the dish washer, feeding the dog, etc…  I did however learn a lesson from baking said cake early: Don’t get impatient and try to flip a cake out of a bundt pan while it’s too warm. My beautiful cake lost it’s top {which ended up being the bottom} … I was pissed, but it still TASTED like cake! I had also cut some strawberries the night before and put them in a bowl with sugar and grand marnier to marinate overnight.  They where delicious on the cake topped with some whipped cream! Good lord,  I think I may go have another piece as soon as this blog is done!  Check out the recipe … and if you have blueberries, you can use those as topping too! Enjoy Ya’ll!


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