My “Ferry” Godmother … Chinese Style

6 Aug

Isn’t it funny how you crave Chinese food at the most random times?  Well, I do.  I’ve found the most wonderful solution to this problem, all I need to do is keep some chicken stocked in the fridge/freezer {We will not go into how much I hate frozen meat that has been thawed. I think you can taste the difference and I will argue with anyone who says otherwise!} and a few boxes of my new love; Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kits. Chinese food fast and easy to your table without the delivery man and his tip. In the box you get a package of seasoned corn starch, some sauce and vegetables or chili peppers depending on the kit you choose.  Tonight, we had Orange Chicken.  All you do is cut up some chicken, shake it around in a zip lock bag with the aforementioned corn starch, add a little oil to the pan, cook the chicken, add the sauce, add the veggies or chilies … cook, cook, cook … and BAM, dinner!  A little side note. I don’t like the rice that comes with the box. Seems that I can never get it to get soft enough. My remedy is two bags of “boil-a-bag” rice. Simple and I know I can’t screw that up! I didn’t get any pictures tonight because my camera was full and I was too lazy to clear it out… so you will have to make do with the picture of the box. Really that’s all you need … go to the store and try it. You’ll thank me when you’re craving Chinese food and don’t feel like waiting on the delivery boy and tipping him for inevitably being late! … Night Ya’ll


One Response to “My “Ferry” Godmother … Chinese Style”

  1. :o) mg August.8.2010 at 3:22 pm #

    We bought some of this when it was on sale and I could pair it with a coupon. Haven’t cooked it yet, but can’t wait to try it.

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