Emulsifying? Ehh… Boiling Butter!

16 Aug

I believe I have blogged about this dinner once before, but driving home tonight from work I had an instant craving for lamb chops. Perhaps it was the documentary I watched last night about sheep and a family of herders who traveled with their sheep through some valley…. my mind is a little weird.

Anyhow. Tonight I made Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Chops, Red Potatoes and Asparagus. It was pure deliciousness. And even better was the fact that usually I put them in the broiler, but the foodie bf grilled them for me … yum! Basically, i cut up a few twigs of rosemary and a few pieces of garlic, salt and pepper and then poured in some olive oil. I put it all in a ziplock bag and let them marinate as long as I could wait. Here’s a look at said “marination” ….

I know it looks a little disgusting, but trust me it’s amazing.  So … I let this sit for a while {really only about 45 minutes, but that’s as long as I could wait … and even that was torture for a girl who had only had a piece of leftover pizza all day} and then made some red potatoes – boiled – while they were draining, I coated the bottom of the pot with butter and salt and then threw the potatoes back in to soak up the goodness!  I also made steamed asparagus but instead of pouring out the little bit of extra water… I boiled some butter {I guess it’s called emulsifying} and poured it over them. {yummy, but not diet food}

Here’s the meat:

And here’s the finished product …. If you need better instructions, just ask! Enjoy ya’ll

One Response to “Emulsifying? Ehh… Boiling Butter!”

  1. :o) mg August.17.2010 at 9:02 pm #

    I think the process is called “clarifying” and the end result is “ghee”. Did your mom ever read you the cute little book called “Little Black Sambo” where Sambo outsmarted all the tigers and they got so angry that they chased each other around a tree until they turned to “ghee”?

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