Kabobs on the Barbie …

20 Aug

I was sure that my chili from last night would make it as leftovers for dinner tonight … but after eating it as a midnight snack and having a bowl for lunch … a night off from having to decide what was for dinner was nowhere in sight.  So, like any good woman would do, I waited until 6:30pm to survey my options.  Yeah, nothing.  Off to the grocery store with the bright idea of having grilled kabobs and baked potatoes.  Needless to say, the series of late afternoon summer thunderstorms have not left us … and as soon as I got halfway to the grocery store the heavens opened up.  Funny thing about where I live, it can be raining buckets in one area and then drive home and it be dry as a bone.  Thankfully, this was the case tonight.  I didn’t do anything special.  I purchased some pre-made kabobs from the butcher and popped some potatoes in the microwave.  Only thing extraordinary was the bacon I cooked to make into bacon bits for the potatoes.  Geesh, I’m amazing! Anyhow … I didn’t snap any pictures because I was too concerned with getting dinner on the table before the heavens opened up a monsoon over our BBQ.  So, thanks to google, you have an idea of what my dinner looked like.  Night ya’ll!

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