Heat and Pour Frosting – Deliciousness!

12 Sep

This week has been crazy.  Crazy in a good way.  But, crazy in a good way is bad for my cooking … or lack there of this week.  I think we’ve had McDonald’s twice, a rotisserie chicken that made two meals and my staple “what’s for dinner” meal – spaghetti.  BUT, I did make some pretty damn good yellow cake!  And yes, it was straight from the box.

I was walking up and down the aisles at Harris Teeter wondering what I would make for dinner …  {Sometimes I think that’s the best way to find dinner} … and I came across an end-cap filled with frosting.  A new kind of frosting that looks like it is in a chocolate syrup bottle that you heat up in the microwave and pour over your cake.  No longer do you have to wait for the cake to cool completely … gone are the days of ripping off the top layer of cake or having crumbles stuck in your frosting… wahoooo!  Here is my beautiful work of deliciousness.


And here is the bottle of yummy goodness.

Thank you Duncan Hines for making my cake so delicious!  Ya’ll have fun with this one… I’m going to go heat the leftover frosting and find some strawberries! Night!

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