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Sorta Kinda Half Way Back …

5 Nov

And, I’m back.  Seems as though I only come around here anymore to apologize for not being around.  Things have been super busy in my life the last month or so – between work and work, I have little to no time to cook let alone blog about it.  Dinners lately have been pretty normal {hot dogs, mac and cheese, packaged frozen meals, etc} Except for this last week … I don’t know what got into me, but I made some pretty decent meals.  There has been grilled quail with asparagus and red potatoes {small recipe to follow}, rosemary and garlic lamb chops with couscous and peas, and then a whole chicken which soaked in a citrus-rosemary brine {recipe to follow} served with mashed potatoes and corn.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


So… let’s talk about red potatoes.  I saw this recipe online where the person took the potatoes and grilled them on the grill while cooking their meat.  I wanted to try this, but put my own take on it.  They turned out great {cooked a little too long, but still wonderful} but I love potatoes no matter how they are served.  I took some petite red potatoes and halved them then boiled them for just a few minutes.  I wanted to make sure they weren’t going to be too hard when they came off the grill.  After letting them boil for just a few minutes, I drained them and added a little butter and salt.  I then made an envelope out of tin-foil and put all the potatoes in there with a branch of rosemary and some sliced garlic pieces.  They went on the grill with the quail for about 15-20 minutes and where GREAT.


As for the chicken.  Check out my earlier post about the “Thrifty Chicken in a Bath” … that was my first experience with a brine.  I basically followed the recipe but replaced tarragon with rosemary.  I also threw in the rind from one whole orange and then added the juice I squeezed out of the orange as well.  Everything else – the same.  I’m not sure if it is really the reason, but the chicken had a great crust this time and I’m wondering if the citrus had anything to do with it.  Anyhow – it was great too.  Really juicy.


This weekend is a little slow.  Perhaps a cooking experiment is in order.  Night ya’ll.