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Monday Night Musings

15 Feb


Have you officially hit rock bottom when you eat a microwave-able miniature sausage biscuit for breakfast and a bologna sandwich for lunch? {By the way, I only know how to spell bologna because of the Oscar Mayer song we used to sing as kids!}


It seems the theme of my blog the last few weeks has been how to incorporate being busy and working full time with being a domestic goddess. Perhaps my definition of “domestic goddess” will change over time. I have so much going on right now that food and eating in general are just after thoughts to my day. Once I get home from work, change into sweats and finally sit down … all of a sudden my brain say “food!” and I grump’ily roll along.


I did eat a piece of the most amazing Carmel Cake the other day. I’d love to learn how to make it. The whole cake seemed to be dipped in a Carmel “frosting” that had a texture almost like a chocolate shell on an ice cream …{mmm, I need to roll of this couch to Dairy Queen!}  If anyone reading has a recipe or knows where I could find a great one, please let me know!


Lastly, I’m really excited because my mom found a cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants in our hometown. She’s mailing it to me because it has a recipe for Gumbo in it that I can not wait to make. I’ve been craving this gumbo so much that I seriously contemplated calling the restaurant to see if I could get them to ship me some. One time I even packed a whole cooler of it and drove it 4 1/2 hours home on ice! Now – that is LOVE!


Oh, and as a final thought – I had full intentions of baking cookies for Valentines Day that I was then going to ice to look like those little conversation hearts you get when you are in elementary school – yeah, didn’t get around to that either! ha ha {Story of my Life}


Night Ya’ll


Seafood Saturday

13 Feb


According to my mother, when I was a toddler I loved shrimp. Loved them to the point of eating an entire popcorn bowl of them while spending the afternoon with my dad on the couch. Today, I can’t really picture myself doing that. I don’t hate shrimp, but I wouldn’t sit with a bowl of them. A few as an appetizer, sure. I go no further.  Then, there is salmon. I didn’t start eating salmon until about 2 years ago. I found a great pre-marinated kind at Publix. They’re  fresh filets, not frozen, and are pre-marinated with a bourbon sauce. They are delicious cooked in the oven and served with rice and asparagus. Yummy. But, even salmon I can only stomach once in a blue moon. It can be too fishy for me.


So… you’re wondering where I’m going with this. {I do have a point, I swear} My affinity for seafood is not very strong. Like I said before, I can stomach it … but I wouldn’t eat it every night. Tonight, however, I’m in a full-on seafood mood. We’re having mussels in a garlic/white wine sauce. Mmm, the joy. I’m going to serve them with a ton of french bread {I can’t get enough bread} and we’ll probably snack on some Port Salut and dry salami … oh gosh, and don’t forget the wine!


I’ll try to get some pictures up for you later tonight! Hope you are all having a peaceful and restful weekend & enjoying the snow {Seeing as how 48 states have snow right now, I’m betting on the chance YOU have snow!} … Chat again soon, friends!


Grocery Pick-Up … Yes, Please!

10 Feb


Well, hello! I miss you blog. Honestly, it’s been days since I have cooked a meal. Tonight it’s nearly 12:30 and I just sat down to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’m craving some really good, belly filling, heart warming food. I’m going to have to break down tomorrow and schedule time to cook a dinner… my body needs something that isn’t from a fast food line, a jar, or plastic container.


I also found the most amazing amenity today… my grocery store will now allow you to order your groceries online, they will “shop them,” and will have them patiently waiting in a cooler for your arrival at the pick-up lane. Now, I’m not THAT busy that I can’t grocery shop. In fact, I love to grocery shop. But… just imagine the possibilities. And… you will never EVER believe how much this little service costs….


Come on, try to guess… work with me here. How much would you pay for a service like that?


Let me tell you, I thought I was reading it wrong… $4.95 .. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I would pay $4.95 just to not have to park my car near the others and risk door-dings! $4.95 … I’m all over $4.95! And, the first time is FREE… FREE… FREE. You don’t have to tell me twice.


Tonight … in my exhausted stooper … I’m ordering groceries online! Wahoo.. I’ll let you know how this turns out! Night Ya’ll {And, I promise .. a dinner of some sort tomorrow!}

How Do You Slice Your Bananas?

7 Feb


You can really tell that my domestic side is in full force {or not at all} when we have peanut butter and banana sandwiches for dinner.


My question to you: How do you slice your bananas? Length-wise, making long slivers of banana in the sandwich? Or width-wise, making little coins of banana throughout the sandwich?


Personally, I know it no other way than little coins of bananas scattered throughout my sandwich … {oh, and when we were little and mom wasn’t looking, we added sugar – and lots of it!}


Let me know… Night Ya’ll

Eight Hours in Heels

5 Feb


Wouldn’t life with a personal assistant just be wonderful? … As I lay here in bed, still fully clothed in my ‘work outfit,’ eating a slice of pizza, sipping an almost warm Gatorade, hair in all directions, mascara clumping in the corners of my eyes, and the dog snuggled at my feet, I’m contemplating scheduling. {Completely normal for a twenty-eight year old to be doing on a Friday night, right?} I’ve done all the standard methods of time organization: a written day planner, Outlook on my Blackberry and computer, and post-it’s! Perhaps it is my personality that makes me run around like a crazy person trying to balance plates on my head … that could be it.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving this. I’m loving the new career. I’m loving the new marketing ideas and projects. I’m loving every aspect of this new job! … Throw in blogging on this site {which is my release}, planning and cooking dinner {which is becoming quite a task because of limited time}, the set up and launch of a new website, blog, and social media outlets for said new career, and finding time to spend with the Foodie BF – and you’ve got me running around like a crazy woman in heels. {By the way, when you haven’t worn heels in six months because you didn’t have an ‘office’ to go to – and then all of a sudden start wearing again for 8 hours a day – turn out to be the most painful objects of my desire! ouch!}


I really shouldn’t be complaining … everything in my life is so much fun right now. It’s great to wake up every morning and be excited about what the day will bring. And, I love that I’m actually using my Marketing degree to its fullest right now! {makes me feel only slightly better when I pay my student loans each month} Now, if we could get a little upturn in the economy – I’d be jumping for joy!


Moral of the story tonight: Despite running around like a crazy woman in heels, I’m learning to be thankful and to breathe deep, slow down, and just finish one task at a time. Mom always said I work best when I have a project to complete & she’s always right … night ya’ll

Heaven in a Mug … {Warm Bliss}

31 Jan


… just a little side note to my earlier post …



My night is complete. Hot chocolate {real marshmallows}, a book, and John Mayer playing in the background. I’m a happy woman right now. Funny how something like hot chocolate {which reminds me of childhood and Christmas} can make you feel so warm and relaxed … mmmm, heaven. Goodnight Ya’ll!

Sweaty Palms and Salad Forks

31 Jan



By now, I’m a relatively domesticated creature. I’ve been on this earth for nearly 28 years now {woah. gasp} I can make my way around a kitchen, even worked at a catering company for a while planning events and weddings. Yet, choosing a fork for my salad makes my palms sweaty, my heart race, and my tummy rumble. Formal affairs make me want to crawl under a table and hide. Well, I take that last part back…. I love to get dressed up, meet people, have a glass of wine {or two} and enjoy great food … that is, if I can properly navigate the table setting. {ha} I’ve learned … when in doubt, take a sip of your drink, watch the others and follow.


In all seriousness, we had a great time last night. It was a pleasure to get dressed up, meet new people, and enjoy the company of our colleagues. {Of course, seeing foodie bf in a tux didn’t hurt at all either! wink} The food was pretty good too! The salad was very visually stimulating … basically, it was Romaine lettuce {standing up vertically} held together by a crouton in the shape of a napkin ring, with caesar dressing drizzled over the plate. Pretty cool idea for a salad. The main course was free-range chicken that was served with a potato and sweet potato hash. It was very delish!  I’m going to try to find a recipe for hash similar to that.. it was really good. Then we had some kind of chocolate-raspberry cake for dessert which wasn’t too impressive, sadly. {I love dessert!} And, on top of it all… we won the centerpiece on the table. It has beautiful fall colors with some Magnolia leaves and looks beautiful on the kitchen island…. Oh, and the second best part of going out on the town … relaxing, cuddling, and being lazy all day today!


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I’m gonna continue to lounge around and procrastinate thinking about Monday …