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{Update} Buh Bye Bounce Bar

20 Jan


Back in January, I bought a Bounce Bar. You know, the new and exciting bar that you stick inside your dryer and supposedly takes the place of having to remember to throw in a dryer sheet every time you dry a load of clothes. Umm… yeah, great idea! And, I’m tempted by pretty packaging {marketing major} so I scooped this one up fairly quickly. It claims to last two months … or until the fabric softener bar starts to ‘melt’ away and reveals a “time to replace” icon. Well, ladies and gentleman, its been one month and 8 days … my clothes are full of static, and there is no smell anymore. {and it isn’t even telling me to replace it yet} I loved it at first, because it gave my clothes an overwhelming fabric softener smell .. which I adore … but, I’m just not as excited about it now, despite the fact that I don’t have to remember to put in a dryer sheet. {or use 10 per load like I usually do} It’s just not THAT useful. I think I would rather go back to dryer sheets where I can regulate how many I put in at a time …


Just my thoughts. I can’t sleep and realized I had left you hanging about my Bounce Bar {I know you were waiting on pins and needles to hear the results} … Now, I guess the next report will be how easily it comes OUT of my machine! Anyone else tried out this contraption?

Bouncing my way to happier towels …

11 Dec

I adore dryer sheets. With any given load, I probably use upwards of three sheets. Sure, I could stop at just one … but I like the smell of clean laundry and I want as much of that as I can get. Perhaps there is no correlation – but I beg to differ. Dryer sheets are expensive though {especially if you are grabbing a handful for every load}, so I’ve decided to try out the new Bounce Bar … at $5.99 ish, it is supposed to last up to two months. It’s going to take everything I have not to stick ten of these around the perimeter of my dryer, but the hope is that it will give me a nice strong “clean laundry scent” without wasting all those poor dryer sheets I have become greedily addicted to.  The first load {towels} came out smelling fabulous and strong just how I like them. I guess only time will tell how long this scent will last.