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Regurgitation, Yarn, and Kitchen Gadgets: Life

30 Dec


Wow, It’s only been one day off and I feel like I’ve cheated on my blogging friends. I’ve been so busy with life the last two days that I haven’t had time to sit at a computer! {Shocker} I had the first test of the regurgitation of my new found knowledge, and did wonderfully. I have one more part before I’ve met my goal. It feels good to set goals and accomplish them! A long time has passed since I graduated college and I was hesitant about how this whole “expanding my brain” thing would work out .. I guess I’ve still got it in me afterall. And, its good to know you can learn something new every day!


In the mad dash of the last two days, I haven’t had much time to work on my blanket. Although, I was able to stop by the craft store and buy them completely out of the brand/color yarn I’m working with. {and it was on sale} Oh, and my lovely brother gave me the most fabulous idea … crocheted laptop sleeves! I’m envisioning making a ‘pillow case’ and then putting a fabric liner and zipper inside to give a little added protection to the sleeve. {I’m sure it will not be that easy, but a girl can dream} My brother already asked for the first sample… we’ll see! Just think of all the possibilities of color and style! Mmmmm. Fun!


Guess who came to my house today!?

My new batch of Netflix came in the mail today {love them} and I’m so excited to sit down and watch! I have the first three disks of the Julia Child and Jacquese Pepin PBS series: Cooking at Home. I’m such a nerd, but I really am looking forward to watching and learning some new recipes! {And, of course ‘oohing’ and ‘aweing’ at the fun kitchen gadgets that I will want to run out and purchase!} I’ll have to keep you all posted on that!


Well, I believe it’s time to settle down with a nice glass of wine, the dog, and the boyfriend, and just unwind. It’s been a crazy two days..  Night Ya’ll!

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Blanket!

28 Dec


I’ve been a little busy the last few days {expanding my knowledge} and haven’t dedicated enough time to finishing up my blanket. And then last night, I ran out of yarn. Of course, I ran out of yarn when the craft stores were all closed. {and I refuse to shop at WalMart} Needless to say, it will be a few days before I can get some more – but I thought I would update you on the status {plus I really like taking pictures of it because it is so darn cute}



I’m trying really hard to keep all my stitches tight and even….


I found out from my new friend, The Elder Lady, that the stitch I’ve been doing is a ‘double crochet’ … I looked it up on Google and I’m not too sure if that is it – it looks different to me. Anyone know the name of this stitch? I’m also thinking about adding a border around the perimeter of the blanket when I’m done. Perhaps in a solid color, or maybe with some fabric? I don’t know … maybe I’ll just like it the way it is. That’s all for now… back to the brain.

Ahhh, but can you do the ‘shell stitch’?

26 Dec


I had another person giggle today when they were told that I can crochet. “You can crochet?” {pure and utter amazement on their face} Geeze, what kinda vibes am I really giving off? And, what kind of person crochets?


I met a neighbor today. A sweet, older Catholic lady. {I only mention that she is Catholic, because she made sure to ‘define herself’ to me as a woman who was very religious and involved with her church. Normally, I would not ‘define soemone’ with their religion} We talked for several minutes and then it was mentioned that I was crocheting a blanket … she was so very excited to learn that we had something in common. {And, no she wasn’t the one that was shocked} She quickly ran back to her house and grabbed a piece of her “crafting” to show me. She came back with the most lovely purple scarf. It was crocheted with what she called a “shell stitch.” You could tell she had been “crafting” for a long time. I showed her my unfinished blanket, to which she quickly pointed out that I had missed a stitch about 40 rows back, and that I should really go back {rip it out forty rows} and correct my mistake if I wanted it to be perfectly symmetrical. {Phs! Does she KNOW how long 40 rows takes me!} I laughed and told her I would add a stitch to the other end of the blanket when there are only a few rows left to go, and that would be just fine with me! {Go back 40 rows, what is this woman thinking?} Needless to say, she was most excited to talk to me AND we even planned a crochet date where she would like to teach me some more stitches. Seeing as how I only know one… that just may be fun! … Leave it to me to befriend a 60-something, crafter! Interesting stories should come from this!


I’ll catch you up on my blanket tomorrow. It’s coming along quite nicely – missed stitch and all!


{The Shell Stitch I will be learning soon}

No time for words: Blanket Update

24 Dec


Here she is … about 1/4 done!

Christmas Traditions

24 Dec


Many years ago my grandmother taught me how to crochet. I can remember being really young and sitting around my grannies house watching her crochet blankets and scarves, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas where there really wasn’t much to do except sit around and ‘just be’ with everyone. I remember her only knowing one stitch {maybe it was that she only taught ME one stitch} but that one stitch made the most beautiful and cozy scarves and blankets. It also was a great way to pass the time.


Since I’m not home with my family for Christmas yet, I thought a great way to “feel at home” would be to make a blanket. Why a blanket? Because, I’ve always said I was making a blanket and then stopped short at a scarf!! So, last night at nearly 8:00 pm, I decided I needed to run out to the craft store and get some yarn immediately. And, thats just what I did. One day down, and I’m about 20 rows into my blanket. Looking good if I do say so myself!


I got a comment yesterday that I was the “Stiletto Queen,” and that picturing me sitting down making a blanket was like a paradox. Personally, I think it’s great to surprise people. There are lots of things I can do that may be surprising. Perhaps a tutorial on how to change your cars oil is in order, cause you know I can do that too!!! Merry Christmas Eve, Ya’ll!