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Duck, Duck, Dinner

10 Jan


Time management may not be my best skill.  While visiting my family, I thought one of the best ‘presents’ I could give them would be to make a few meals while I’m here. The premise: I enjoy it and they will love {hopefully} eating it. However, undertaking a meal of Holiday proportion and timing everything exactly right may take a little more practice on my part. I started this morning around 11 am and made a tray of my Bacon, Egg and Toast Pods. They turned out really well, and got rave reviews. I’ve said it once before… but I’ll say it again… ah’mazing, easy, and a big hit!


After a quick shower and trip to Target, it was back to cooking. Washing and boiling spinach, cleaning a duck, mixing a sweet potato souffle, and chilling a cream cheese chocolate ball. …{backtrack, I said cleaning a duck! Just picture that for a second}… I did pretty well getting everything prepared and got about an hour break before it was time to get the duck in the oven. Two hours of gracefully dancing around the kitchen, followed by an hour-long mad dash at the end… we have dinner:

Crispy Duck, Creamed Spinach, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Sweet Potato Souffle. Click the names if you’d like to read my blogs about these dishes. I’ll be adding the sweet potato and cheese ball in the next few days!


The meal turned out fantastic. And, my family {who had not previously tired duck, or had it in the last few years} gobbled up a whole 6 pound duck. Go me! I’d say it was well worth a day of cooking and preparing. Drop in tomorrow for a picture tutorial on the Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Ball! De’lish …. Night Ya’ll!

Second Christmas Menu

28 Dec


My “Second Christmas” dinner with my family is fast approaching & I can’t wait. Since I didn’t get to go home for Christmas, when I finally get there I will be cooking dinner for my family.  This will prove to be amusing to some, because they have not been seeing my Emerging Domesticity. I’ve been working on a menu, and this is what I have so far:

Now I’ve got to sit down and work out a shopping list & send out cute invitations … my siblings will laugh at me, but I’m gonna have a blast planning this ‘dinner party!’ Now, back to my blanket {Which by the way I will run out of yarn in the next hour or so … and I’m annoyed I didn’t think about that while the craft store was actually OPEN! Ugh!}

Can we go back to November?

10 Dec

Not that I don’t love December … but I cooked some darn good food for Thanksgiving and seeing as how this is a new blog, I’d love to post some pictures of the Am’Mazing Crispy Duck I cooked! Mmm… I can close my eyes and still taste/smell it!


My quest for a duck started the day before Thanksgiving, so I got a crash course on how to defrost a frozen 6lb duck FAST! The answer … an entire afternoon in a sink full of water.  The one thing I was not prepared for was all the “parts” that needed to be cleaned out! You want me to stick my hand in where? I’ve never relinquished my rights to a kitchen so fast in my life! Ohhhh, Boyfriend?!


You know, cooking a duck isn’t all that hard. I found a recipe online for “Crispy Duck” … you basically clean up the duck {the worst part}, trim off some fat, rinse with water, pat dry inside and out, and poke with a fork a million times. The crisp part comes from taking 2 cups of boiling water and pouring it over the duck {breast side up on a roasting rack with a 13×9 pan under it} after you have poked it, etc. It is truly Ah’Mazing .. you can see with your own eyes the skin of the duck shrivel up with the boiling water! It caught me off guard, I even let out a little squeal! Anyhow.. You cool the duck and pour any of the water that got stuck in the cavity into the pan below. You want to leave this water in the pan. Then you just pat it dry inside and out, and salt and pepper inside and out, rubbing it into the skin.


At 425 degrees, you cook it breast side up for 45 minutes, flip over and do another 45 minutes, then flip again and do another 45 minutes {or until golden brown}. And, you want to let the duck sit for about 15 minutes before you carve it. **A little side note: The duck I bought had a package of duck sauce with it – it had a beautiful orange/clove taste to it and made for great dipping sauce. So, if yours happens to come with that – dont’ throw it away like I almost did.**




I was pretty proud of this duck. It was not that time-consuming to prepare, and really could be done on any night where you had a little over 2 hours to wait for something to bake. {sigh} Since it was Thanksgiving, I made a green bean casserole – which I wasn’t too fond of – and some roasted petite organic potatoes in olive oil, rosemary, and garlic. They turned out delish too … and looked a little bit like peanuts when I was done with them …




Even our dog, who NEVER.EVER.EVER gets people food, was allowed a little treat for the holiday. What could possibly be better than some slow boiled duck parts mixed in with some white rice  and a little bit of olive oil? He was such a happy little man. The olive oil is good for their coat, and the rice really helps with their digestion … but all he knew was that there was something Ah’Mazing in his bowl! Lucky dog!




Well… this has now inspired me to start planning a Christmas menu! And, with a trip home to see the family – perhaps TWO menus are in order! Ohh.. YES!