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You Look Nice … Jump in My Cart!

22 Jan


Portion Control. Do you know anyone who actually looks at the suggested portion sizes? And, for that matter, who has enough self-control to follow the portion control suggestions? Growing up, there were always five mouthes to feed at dinner .. that meant loads of potatoes, cans or bushels of veggies, and pots large enough to serve an army. Only having to cook for two now, is quite difficult. I still end up with potatoes for a week! But, I may have a solution … well at least when it comes time for dessert:



Ben and Jerry’s miniature cups. Hello Heaven. You know, I was a Marketing major in my day. I wonder if it is good or bad that I’m wildly attracted to things in pretty packaging … {hence the bounce bar, the 20 bottles of shampoo/conditioner in my shower, and now the miniature ice creams} … I can’t help but wonder if it is healthy to put something in my cart based on pretty packaging before I even know what the product is! Needless to say, these little Ben and Jerry’s are big winners in my book! Cute packaging, great contents, and to top it all off: a built in spoon! Mmmm… I’m in love.  I will say, however, that I only buy these when they are 5 for $5 otherwise, I’m not spending my money. And, yes, I could go and buy a huge carton {or two} for the price I’m paying for the little, cute ones.. but if it means my arse doesn’t grow to the size of Canada because I have no self-control or general idea on portion control and these things can help … then I’ll keep buying these little suckers. Enjoy, Ya’ll!

Can you eat just one bowl?

13 Dec

There is probably something wrong with eating a bowl of ice cream at midnight just before retiring to bed. Perhaps it will permanently affix itself to my butt and when I’m 40 I’ll be cursing the day I ever ate ice cream…. but until then, I can’t resist. Feast your eyes on the most wonderful ice cream I’ve had to date: Edy’s Limited Edition Apple Pie Ice Cream!

Honestly, it tastes like a piece of apple pie climbed up into your bowl and swam in some vanilla ice cream. Bits of apple, chunks of graham cracker crusty parts … literally, this is making me want to run and get some ice cream. Don’t confuse what I’m saying. Not running to prevent my butt from becoming the size of Manhattan, RUNNING to eat more ice cream! Yummy!


Indulge {you know you wanna}