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I Digress

20 Jan


Someone save me. My domesticity is lapsing. Is it possible to revert so far back to my previous state of un-domestic misfortune, that I forget how far I’ve come? This, I believe, could be possible.


I’ve always wanted to be the working mom on the run who was able to balance every aspect of her life/career, her husbands needs/wants, her kids activities/schooling, etc. {heck, even the dog} … I’ve been attempting domesticity and a career for about 2 weeks now and haven’t cooked or cleaned a damn thing! {and I don’t even have kids!} My little space is starting to cave in on top of  me. Laundry is calling my name. The strange things I cooked three weeks ago are growing mold in the fridge. The dog is looking at me like he has never been outside in his life. Paperwork is staking up on my desk like I’ve been out of town for years. And my poor pedicure is cracking, peeling, and going to hell in a handbasket. Save me from this insanity. Someone tell me how in the world the average woman manages? Call it beginners exhaustion or maybe even being out of practice, but the bed {and inevitable nap that follows} is calling my name before I even set foot out of the car!


Do domestic, hard-working, career women really exist? If they do… I’m way behind the mark!


I’ve decided to write myself a post-it note. Actually, {I take that back} I’m going to make myself a beautiful sign to hang on my bathroom mirror …. inscribed: “STEP IT UP” … Reminding me of my call to action every day. “You can be both a domestic and career goddess!” {giggle} I’ll let you know how much that sign inspires me at 6am tomorrow! {ha}


On a little side note… we had beer and pizza for dinner. An amazing pizza actually: Spinach, Artichoke, Feta, and Garlic/Oil base, with no red sauce. And then we topped that off with a few Blue Moons {complete with the essential orange slice} Sometimes there is nothing better than digressing to college days and chowing down on a greasy pizza followed by a nice cold beer… {gosh, I sound like a man} … Headed to bed ya’ll. Hope you had a great night. Tomorrow, I fully intend on cooking Salisbury Steak, so if you’re interested – come back to see that fiasco! Night, Ya’ll!

{Update} Buh Bye Bounce Bar

20 Jan


Back in January, I bought a Bounce Bar. You know, the new and exciting bar that you stick inside your dryer and supposedly takes the place of having to remember to throw in a dryer sheet every time you dry a load of clothes. Umm… yeah, great idea! And, I’m tempted by pretty packaging {marketing major} so I scooped this one up fairly quickly. It claims to last two months … or until the fabric softener bar starts to ‘melt’ away and reveals a “time to replace” icon. Well, ladies and gentleman, its been one month and 8 days … my clothes are full of static, and there is no smell anymore. {and it isn’t even telling me to replace it yet} I loved it at first, because it gave my clothes an overwhelming fabric softener smell .. which I adore … but, I’m just not as excited about it now, despite the fact that I don’t have to remember to put in a dryer sheet. {or use 10 per load like I usually do} It’s just not THAT useful. I think I would rather go back to dryer sheets where I can regulate how many I put in at a time …


Just my thoughts. I can’t sleep and realized I had left you hanging about my Bounce Bar {I know you were waiting on pins and needles to hear the results} … Now, I guess the next report will be how easily it comes OUT of my machine! Anyone else tried out this contraption?

My First {and Second} Domestic Purchases

4 Jan


My family thinks that we should schedule and exorcism because {clearly} some domestic goddess has taken over my body. The last two days, I’ve felt like I could really get the hang of some of this domestic stuff. Between my broccoli {onion} Quiche and my bacon, egg, and toast pods – I’ve been doing pretty well! But then Sunday rolled around… the day of laundry. I loathe laundry. Not the whole process, just the folding. I loathe folding. Two years ago, I bought {splurged on} my very first washer and dryer. I did loads of research {no pun intended} and finally decided on the Whirlpool Duet Sport.

This was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. {And, my first real domestic purchase} Washing time cut in half. Saves water and electricity. Uses less soap. And, I swear the clothes are cleaner! Oh, and the ‘whitest whites’ cycle … Ah’mazing! I just wish someone would invent a folding machine. That would make my Sundays much more enjoyable. My only ‘complaint’ about the Duet Sport is that there is always some water left in the machine .. so, if you don’t leave the door cracked when you aren’t using it – or, if you don’t use the cleaning solvent once a month or so – than you get a smell that could very easily pass for rotten eggs. I hear that this is not a problem specific to the Duet, but to most front loading washers. Perhaps they will find a way to solve this too.


While we are on the topic of domestic purchases I should tell you about my second ever domestic purchase. The Dyson Animal Vac (DC14).  At the time of purchase, we had two dogs {one who seemed to shed her entire coat daily} and were sold when we found out the vacuum was intended specifically for animal hair.



I’m telling you, if you have a dog {or several} this is the machine to go with. When I got home with the new vacuum, I decided to vacuum first with my old one and then go over it with the new one. This thing is so powerful, it was sucking up carpet fiber! About six months later, we moved to a loft that didn’t have one bit of carpet {brushed concrete floors}. I was bummed because I really loved using my vacuum. To my surprise, it worked great on the concrete floors too! So, it was a great investment after all. Nearly two years later .. and I’m still in love! My only complaint: It only comes in purple.


Well, thats all for tonight. Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt another Quiche {ham and swiss this time} and hope that it comes out tastier than my onion conglomeration. Don’t worry thought, I’ll have my camera in hand to document the whole thing! Night Ya’ll

Bouncing my way to happier towels …

11 Dec

I adore dryer sheets. With any given load, I probably use upwards of three sheets. Sure, I could stop at just one … but I like the smell of clean laundry and I want as much of that as I can get. Perhaps there is no correlation – but I beg to differ. Dryer sheets are expensive though {especially if you are grabbing a handful for every load}, so I’ve decided to try out the new Bounce Bar … at $5.99 ish, it is supposed to last up to two months. It’s going to take everything I have not to stick ten of these around the perimeter of my dryer, but the hope is that it will give me a nice strong “clean laundry scent” without wasting all those poor dryer sheets I have become greedily addicted to.  The first load {towels} came out smelling fabulous and strong just how I like them. I guess only time will tell how long this scent will last.