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Quick & Easy Chili Recipe {Picture Tutorial}

25 Jan


**Update: This blog is getting a ton of visitors from Pinterest {Thanks y’all!} … Yes, I forgot to mention that you need to throw a can of dark red kidney beans a pinto beans into the mix. They’re in the picture, but I must have been too busy eating chili to realize I left it out of the instructions. Just make sure you drain them and you’ll be good! Enjoy and thanks for all the nice comments! – Amy **

I was really craving some seafood tonight – scallops to be exact – but somehow I managed to end up with a big bowl of chili. Let me tell you though, I cook some mean chili! And, don’t forget, it’s ridiculously easy and makes your kitchen smell like you are a seasoned domestic goddess {just what I’m going for – score!} Really, all you need for this recipe is two photos: the ingredients and the finished product… it’s that easy… dump the stuff in the pot and let it cook! Now, those are my kinda recipes!!! {but, just to be nice… I’ll include the measurements}

You will need:

{Serves approx 6-8}

1 Medium Onion {minced}

3-5 Garlic Cloves {minced}

1 – 1 1/2 pound of lean ground beef

2 cans of diced tomatoes {Onion, Garlic, & Oregano flavor)

1 can of petite diced tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce

2 TBSP Chili Powder

1 TBSP Ground Cumin

2 TBSP White Sugar

1 TBSP Salt

1 TBSP Tabasco Sauce

1 TSP Pepper

And, here’s what you do:

1. Brown the beef with onion and garlic. {Drain fat when finished and return meat to pot.}

2. Add cans of tomatoes, sauce, chili powder, cumin, sugar, salt, Tabasco, and pepper.

3. Simmer for at least 30-45 minutes …  but it tastes better the longer you let it simmer.


Beautiful isn’t she? I like to serve mine with cornbread muffins {the kind in the Jiffy box}, a bit of shredded cheddar cheese, and a dollop of sour cream. Some people balk at the sour cream, but I think it tastes good.

{Did anyone happen to notice the amount of chili I cooked? I told you I have a problem with portion control.}

Rave reviews around this house for the chili … why don’t you try it at your house and let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear, as always! …. On a side note, I’m discovering my passion for Marketing all over again. With this new career, almost every day brings a new opportunity to use my marketing degree and marketing knowledge … and so far, I really love it. I hope that it stays this positive for a while to come!!!

Hope you all had a great day. And, I hope you enjoy the chili recipe. {Time to go watch the Bachelor – I should be ashamed for watching such nonsense … but I’m not!!! ha} Night ya’ll!

At Least the Dog Eats Well

19 Jan


Running around like crazy… check


Getting something domestic accomplished … big, fat negative! {unless you count the piles of laundry I washed, folded, and put away}


I’ve gotten to know myself again in the last week. Well.. a side of me that had been on vacation for the last six months or so … the worker-bee side. I’m a woman on a mission. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve just started a new career. Scary and exciting at the same time. Scary because there are so many challenges to starting a new career; the learning curve. Exciting because I’m using my degree, my mind, and my ability again. It energizes me and makes me want more, more, more. As for the domestic adventures… they’ve been a little slow since Sunday. We’ve been eating whatever I can find in the fridge that isn’t two-week-old leftovers, unrecognizable, or growing mold. At least the poor dog gets the same thing every night … he doesn’t have to worry about “mommy” not having a good idea for dinner! I think a truly domestic woman can look in the fridge and come up with a dinner on the spot. Perhaps I will get to that point. I’m certainly not there yet though. Substituting bacon for chicken in a chicken, broccoli and cheese casserole – not such a good idea. Tuna in place of ground beef in spaghetti sauce – also, not such a good idea. Substituting pepper jack cheese for cheddar in a grilled cheese – not so much. Ehhh… I’m just going to concede to failure tonight and make some kind of frozen meal. {Gasp!}


Have you ever seen these:


Alright … Stop the laughing. I’m being very serious. I was introduced to these packaged meals a few years ago. Someone we knew got a double shipment and didn’t have any freezer space, so we inherited the extra. I’m telling you, they are actually pretty good. Everything is “boil-a-bag” style. You simply boil a big pot of water and drop the bags in for a few minutes, and whala – dinner. I would never recommend them to a family because it would be too expensive .. but they are perfect for an older person, or a single person… {or a domestic-wanna-be like me} Perfect for when you have no idea what to cook. We try to leave a few in our freezer at all times; our fall-back plan. Anyhow, check them out: Home Bistro


Thats all for tonight, ya’ll. I’m pooped, have some reading to do, and would really like a bath. {Now, if that didn’t sound domestic .. I don’t know what does!}

Pho: Beef Noodle Soup Recipe {Easy and Delicious}

27 Dec


On a cold winter day like today, I love a good bowl of soup. About a year ago, I accidentally found the most amazing {easy} recipe for Pho. It was one of those nights where we were sitting around contemplating dinner, one of us was starting to get a bit of a cold, and we just wanted some hot {mildly spicy} soup. So, I hopped on the internet and printed the first Pho recipe I found and headed to the grocery store at nearly 9pm. I am so glad I did because it has become a staple in our house! Pho is a type of Vietnamese/Thai beef noodle soup. If you have ever watched Anthony Bourdain’s show: No Reservations, you have probably seen a million different variations of this soup. {it’s one of his favorites} The ingredients and process are simple. It makes great left overs. And, the ginger and cilantro make your kitchen smell so fresh!


Pho: Beef Noodle Soup {simple, easy, and amazing}



  • 6 oz packaged rice noodles or vermicelli
  • 2 tsp peanut oil
  • 4 medium green onion green and white divided and chopped
  • 1 medium jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced
  • 1 TBSP ginger root minced/grated
  • 6 oz thinly sliced beef (at least 6 oz, depending on how ‘meaty’ you want your soup) I found some beef at Publix that they call “sandwich beef” that looks like what you would want for a prime rib sandwich, and that worked well when I cut it into small pieces. You can also use fajita beef cut into small chunks too.
  • 7 cups beef broth (I use the cubes and have this ready ahead of time)
  • 2 TBSP soy sauce
  • 2 TBSP cilantro chopped
  • 1 tsp hot pepper sauce or to taste (I use Tabasco and I also add a few drops of Chili Oil – found on the ethnic aisle at the grocery store)


Here’s what you do:

Using a sharp knife cut noodles in half. Heat oil in a med saucepan over med heat. Add white green onion, jalapeno pepper and ginger saute 1 min. Add beef and saute until browned all over (approx 3 min) stirring constantly. Add broth and soy sauce, bring mixture to a boil. Reduce heat to med/low simmer for 10 min. Add noodles and simmer 3 min longer. Remove from heat and add green onions, cilantro, hot pepper sauce. Serve and ENJOY!

FYI: This is Ginger Root. It took me a while to find it in the grocery store because I didn’t know what I was looking for. I finally found it in the ‘organic’ section near the potatoes and onions. I also didn’t know that you have to peel this before you grate it. I used a cheese grater and it turned out to work great!

FYI: These are the noodles. They are also found on the ‘ethnic asile’ at your grocery store. They are continuous and really long, so you need to cut the lot of them down the middle. You need a really sharp knife and a cutting board you can slam into – they are tough! {makes for a good laugh}


I posted this recipe on my Facebook page several months ago and got a huge response from my friends. It truly is an easy dish to cook and really warms you up! And, remember – you can make it as spicy {or mild} as you want. The recipe is fairly mild – adding the Chili oil I suggest will really kick it up a notch. Hope you enjoy! And, as always, if you make it – I’d love to hear how it goes. Enjoy!