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Momma Says “Red Meat and Chocolate!”

6 Mar


I may officially be turning into my mother. When we used to go on mini-vacations {every other month or so} our treat to each other would be red meat and chocolate… Tonight, that is exactly what I wanted! And, let me tell you, that is exactly what I got! Now, my mother and I differ on how we like our meat cooked. She will send a steak back if it even remotely “moo’s” at her … I on the other hand, like it to “moo” at me, I just don’t want it to run off the plate!



You’re viewing the best meal I’ve cooked in months!! Medium-Rare Filet {ok, the foodie bf grilled that for me}, creamed spinach, and garlic whipped potatoes. And, yes… I’m too lazy to wash wine glasses, so those are good ol’ juice glasses. Wine tastes the same no matter what glass it comes in!  And, further back is a nice basket of warm french bread. Who’s a good domestic goddess? Yes, that would be me! And, to top it all off .. I’ve got brownies baking in the oven with some Vanilla-Bean Ice Cream in the freezer waiting to be added to the bowl! Goodness… I deserve and award tonight! {ha ha}


Anyhow, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I have to tell you, it is so nice to relax and be lazy and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having right now. I can only hope that full-spring gets here soon, soon, soon! I’m ready to put the top down, put some big sunglasses on, turn the girly music up, and sing at the top of my lungs!! Night ya’ll


By the way … you can find recipes for the potatoes and spinach on my blog  HERE and HERE … Enjoy!

Duck, Duck, Dinner

10 Jan


Time management may not be my best skill.  While visiting my family, I thought one of the best ‘presents’ I could give them would be to make a few meals while I’m here. The premise: I enjoy it and they will love {hopefully} eating it. However, undertaking a meal of Holiday proportion and timing everything exactly right may take a little more practice on my part. I started this morning around 11 am and made a tray of my Bacon, Egg and Toast Pods. They turned out really well, and got rave reviews. I’ve said it once before… but I’ll say it again… ah’mazing, easy, and a big hit!


After a quick shower and trip to Target, it was back to cooking. Washing and boiling spinach, cleaning a duck, mixing a sweet potato souffle, and chilling a cream cheese chocolate ball. …{backtrack, I said cleaning a duck! Just picture that for a second}… I did pretty well getting everything prepared and got about an hour break before it was time to get the duck in the oven. Two hours of gracefully dancing around the kitchen, followed by an hour-long mad dash at the end… we have dinner:

Crispy Duck, Creamed Spinach, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Sweet Potato Souffle. Click the names if you’d like to read my blogs about these dishes. I’ll be adding the sweet potato and cheese ball in the next few days!


The meal turned out fantastic. And, my family {who had not previously tired duck, or had it in the last few years} gobbled up a whole 6 pound duck. Go me! I’d say it was well worth a day of cooking and preparing. Drop in tomorrow for a picture tutorial on the Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Ball! De’lish …. Night Ya’ll!

Creamed Spinach: Julia Child & Jacques Pepin ‘Cooking at Home’

1 Jan


I mentioned before that I had a great recipe for Creamed Spinach. Like some of the other recipes I have blogged about, it too is from Julia Child and Jacques Pepin’s cookbook: Cooking at Home. I have made this to accompany lamb, duck, and beef … and it was delicious each time. If there is a tedious part, I would say that it is taking the stems off the spinach. However, some grocery stores have a bag option available without stems. Other than that – the whole recipe is fairly simple.


Creamed Spinach

{Source: Julia and Jaques – Cooking at Home}

{Yields 4 Servings}


You will need:

2 – 10 ounce packages of baby spinach

1 TBSP Butter

1 TBSP Flour

1/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream (I use Stonyfield Organic)

Salt and Pepper


Here we go:

1. Stem the Spinach: Pull the stems out of the spinach. As mentioned before, some grocers offer this as an option in the bagged salad area.

2. ‘Wash’ the leaves in a bowl of water to loosen any dirt. Repeat if necessary to get all the dirt out. Remove the leaves from the water.

3. Drop the leaves into a large pot of boiling, salted water. {4-5 quarts} Cover the pot only until steam starts to escape; then uncover at once! Let boil a minute or two, until spinach is wilted and only partially tender.

4. Remove to a large bowl of ice water. This stops the cooking and sets the green color. When it is chilled, remove by big handfuls and squeeze out as much water as you can. {Very fun! Like Play-Dough!}

**This can all be done the day before and kept in a plastic bag in the refrigerator**

5. Briefly saute the spinach in a frying pan with 1 tablespoon of butter, to evaporate the moisture. Stir in 1 tablespoon of flour and continue to slow saute for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and blend in 1/4 cup of heavy cream. Bring to simmer again for two minutes or so, blending in drops of more cream if the spinach seems too thick.

6. Season carefully with salt and pepper (a little goes a long way) Blend in a bit more butter if you’d like.


Simple and easy, but tastes delicious. Those are my kind of recipes! I made this for my family not too long ago, and got rave reviews. Make sure to follow the recipe the first few times you make it, when the proportions of cream and flour are off .. it just doesn’t taste the same! This would also be a really fun recipe to have your kids help you with. Taking the stems off the spinach, washing it, and squeezing the excess water after the ice bath are all steps they can help you with … hey, maybe they will even like spinach when their done!


Enjoy and Happy New Year! And, as always, if you make it – I’d love to hear how it goes!

Second Christmas Menu

28 Dec


My “Second Christmas” dinner with my family is fast approaching & I can’t wait. Since I didn’t get to go home for Christmas, when I finally get there I will be cooking dinner for my family.  This will prove to be amusing to some, because they have not been seeing my Emerging Domesticity. I’ve been working on a menu, and this is what I have so far:

Now I’ve got to sit down and work out a shopping list & send out cute invitations … my siblings will laugh at me, but I’m gonna have a blast planning this ‘dinner party!’ Now, back to my blanket {Which by the way I will run out of yarn in the next hour or so … and I’m annoyed I didn’t think about that while the craft store was actually OPEN! Ugh!}